iTiLL - the next big step in Precision Farming

iTiLL is the next big step in Precision Farming. iTiLL offers more flexibility in the timing of the seeding operation, better germination on non-wetting soils, more consistent crop establishment and weed control, better disease control and greater drought tolerance if the season finishes abruptly.

iTiLL utilises the latest soil wetter technology combined with a state-of-the-art Seeker side banding seeding boot, developed by Agmaster, and a totally independent implement steering system to precisely place the seed into the all-ready established Moisture Zone.

The iTiLL steerable drawbar can be fitted to any tractor-seeder combination and seamlessly integrates into the tractor hydraulic control system. No additional plumbing or hydraulics are required, simply Plug and Play. The touch screen provided allows the operator to fine-tune seed placement as well as monitor soil throw and ground speed via the built in camera.

iTiLL can assist with crop establishment on non-wetting soil types and offers the grower real advantages in utilising soil moisture that would otherwise not be available.

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